Emergency Eyewash Manufacturers

We are one of the leading Malaysia emergency eyewash manufacturers. We make sure that the working environment for your workers should be safe and healthy. Our emergency eyewash stations are especially designed keeping in mind the ever growing needs and requirements of the modern era. If your employees are exposed to harmful chemicals, they are likely to become victims of accidents. For this purpose, we introduce a high range of very functional eyewash stations that will help flush the contaminants out of eyes quickly after they have been exposed to a harmful acid or any other kind of chemical.

As emergency eyewash manufacturers, we know the importance of the equipment in your working environment. With growing trends and changes that the working environment is undergoing, we make it a point to improve the designs and features of our emergency eyewash stations from time to time. Not only do we keep introducing new styles and designs, but we also have designs that can be tailored according to your specifications. It thus becomes a piece designed particularly to cater your individual industrial requirements.

We are emergency eyewash manufacturer constantly laboring to make things even easier and securer for our customers. Our high range of eyewash stations and items are used extensively around the world. Our goal is to make things safer for you, because we believe in the fact that when workers or employees of any industry feel secure and safe, only then they would be able to work in a more efficient and professional way. To make sure your employees are active and efficient at work, you must make the working environment safe for them. While working in a lab or any place where you have to work with chemicals, your eyes assist you. Therefore, eyes are likely to become the first victim to be attacked by any dangerous chemical. Eyes can be gravely affected by these harmful and contaminated liquids. Our stations provide promising safety and security conditions to your staff. This results in a better working environment.

Our vast range of emergency eyewash stations include:

  • Portable eyewash stations: These mini or portable stations are light in weight and can be carried along easier. They can even be fixed on the walls or kept aside in the labs or other workplaces. Made of high quality material, our emergency eyewash manufacturer section makes sure to make them durable enough to be used for years to come.
  • Eyewash solutions and accessories: The solution kits are available to deal with accidents in a more efficient way. The kits can be ideally placed with the dispensary in your industry.
  • Emergency drench showers: The showers can be used not only for eyewash but the entire body wash if the chemical affects most parts of the employer’s body.
  • Faucet mount eyewash station: Apart from faucet mount eyewash stations, there are other designs too, for instance pedestal mount and hand held eyewash stations. Each design has been fabricated to meet the specific industrial requirements.
  • Personal eyewash stations: These can be distributed to employees. Personal eyewash stations can be put in uniform pockets, so that in the time of emergency there is an easy access to the eyewash solution.
  • Heat-traced drench showers: These drench showers are made using special technology. Available in various sizes and styles, these can offer to be the best choice for many industries.

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